Become what you smell, taste, see, hear and touch

Be really present in your own sensations. Unite with what you feel. Do not let your mind compare, analyze, talk. Dive deeply in your experience; enjoy everything as if you were kids. Give yourselves to one another. You completely deserve it.
Combining sensations provided by the senses is the gateway towards a higher level of erotic pleasure. Those who can experience those perceptions to the full, dilating and expanding them boundlessly can live electrifying experiences.

Explore the smell
You should both free yourselves of the old patterns. Lure your lover into a game of odors. Tie his eyes and delight him with the most daring oriental perfumes, with the most exciting smells of your body. Amber, musk and vanilla oils arouse the most refined states, you should ask him to guess what he smells, and to make the game even more exciting, reward each of his answers with an unexpected kiss, with an exciting caress, with a hot whisper in his ear. Carry on with the discovery of the unique odor of her or his skin. Absorb him not only trailing his body with your hungry nostrils, but with every inch of your own body. Breathe him through your skin. Close your eyes and intoxicate yourself wit the odor messages conveyed to you.

Loosen up your taste

Offer each other whipped cream powdered with cinnamon, honey, strawberries, and bananas. Let all that sweetness of the fruits go all over you. When you gently taste the food on each other’s body, when you have a taste of your lover’s fingers, lips, and navel, feel the pleasure exploding in your cells, not only in the palatal region of your mouth. Enjoy each other’s kisses with the lips, with your tongue. Immerse together in the orgasm of the taste.

Release your eyesight
Discover both the tiniest details of the body you love, contemplate it so that you can really know it. Look into each other’s eyes. This kind of contact unravels the profoundness of your passion. Have a look at one another while you caress each other, as that is sure to induce a state of natural trance, of fascination. Caress each other, and drink up one another while you stare at your lover. You will feel a complete awakening of the energies of your being, and your mind will immerse in peace. Become the gaze itself.

Savor the touch
Experiences all sorts of touches, all the rhythms of your caressing, the entire texture of your skin, its softness and silk. Let your fingers wander freely and explore the most intimate, the least caressed areas of each other’s body. Caress, massage, kiss each other’s hands and joints, legs, and ankles. Your touch should take the other by surprise, should assault him everywhere. Play like a young lion, turning on either side. Ruffle his senses with passionate, delicate, light, fuzzy caresses, and then resume them to a different pace, always unpredictably. Intoxicate your fingers, palms with the sweetness of the other’s skin. Dive deep into that velvet universe.

Open up your hearing

Hear, listen, and meditate. Be careful not only about what come out as obvious, but also about the sound’s subtle nuances. In turn you can play with little bells usually hung at the doors in the East, using a wand to touch crystal glasses, or you can just whisper hot words in your lover’s ear. Hearing absorbs the sensitivity of every sound, the emotions behind words. Realize how sensual your and your lover’s voice can be. Voluptuousness sighs, moans, exclamations, hissing, subdued giggles or just the orgasm-intoxicated breath are the sounds that take you to new realms of erotic and soul communication.

Discover the supreme sensuality
A world full of voluptuous feelings awaits, if you open up to the infinite sensations offered by the smell, taste, touch, eyesight, hearing. And in time, the erotic act experienced with sexual continence will become one sense richer, the sense of the spiritual connection with the one you love.
Releasing the latent sensuality in each of you enables you to relate to your own being’s innermost parts. Such a release brings with it a great emotional richness, for each of you, and to th e couple itself, and life becomes extraordinary. And once both of you open up towards a complete awakening of the five senses, your souls are ready to merge into one single soul.

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