Winter is not like summer, and woman is not the man for sure. They come from different places anyhow. She’s from Venus, he’s from Mars.

And what use is there to knowing that, you ask?

Lovemaking. Surely you want to make love long and well. Make your lover feel fully loved, and truly fulfilled? Then it is good to remember that even in terms of love, man and woman live in totally different time zones. He enters the bedroom on Monday, while she maybe gets there on Tuesday. If they are lucky enough they might just meet in the lobby, except that one just comes in while the other is already on his way out.

It’s about the rhythm. More precisely the differences in rhythm between the two. In the Chinese sexual tradition, the man is likened to fire, he lights up quickly and goes out the same. The woman is like water: it heats up hard and it cools down slowly. Men are predominantly instinctual, women are erotic and affectionate. The masculine yearns for sex. The woman wants love.

While most men crave the female characters in porn movies, completely devoid of emotional dimension, but willing to have sex anytime, anywhere and with anyone, from plumbers and drivers, to boys delivering pizza, but women need heroes who must have intelligence and wisdom. And yes, it is true that to make the party complete, it is necessary that they are handsome, tall, loving and funny. It is not, however, obligatory that they are sui generis sex machines.

Man or woman, they both want something.

But something different. And yet, the situation is not at all as tragic as it might seem at a first glance from a plane. There are simple and effective solutions that can turn the fugitive encounter from the hallway into a paradise in the bedroom. With only one essential condition. They need love. Mutual love and, of course, amorous continence. Without which, meeting would be impossible, for lack of synch if not for something else.

When a man and a woman make love with continence, loving each other intensely, everything becomes paradisiacally simple. He manifests not only his desire but also his feelings. She’s opening her heart. She starts to desire for him. Charms him. She delights him within her refined eroticism, amplifying his desire and love for her. His growing love makes her want him even more. His lingam, nourishes her yoni. Her heart nourishes his. And so in a virtuous and sublime circle where everything becomes evermore intense and beautiful.

The energies flow from one to the other and back, amplifying until everything gets a transpersonal footprint. Desire, love, two lovers. It’s no longer just her, now it’s like all the world’s women are somehow incorporated into her now gigantic being. And he, all-encompassing consciousness sustains and controls all of that.

It is a completely fulfilling pleasure that transposes you into another realm, elevated, in a space where words are too poor to express what you really feel, and where the phrases like divine happiness or cosmic love are insufficient to describe the experience.


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