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Identify the signs of pre-ejaculation

Do you want to master your boiling sexuality? You need to be able to identify at first sight the ejaculatory mechanism, so you can restrain the thoroughbred of your amorous energy. Clear signs foretell it’s approach. If you pay attention, and also take some precautions, you have solid chance to control your ejaculation. When orgasm is about to trigger, pay attention to what is happening to you, or rather what you do, and especially how conscious you are of your reaction, in those moments. Your movements are intense and chaotic, you’re shivering, and also have some nervous feelings. Your scrotum strengthens and your body is tense like a crossbow. This is the magical moment when no matter how tempting it may be to keep going, you need to STOP.

From now on, you can not say that you have not been warned. What do you have to do? A method, as simple as useful, comes to assist you: SCROTAL SQUEEZING. For the semen to be ejaculated, the testes must approach the body. You need to grab the penis with your right hand and keep it upright. Circle the upper part of the scrotum with the thumb and index of your left hand. Squeeze down gently, but firmly.

And you can add something there: breathe in through your nose, and then hold your breath while you contract the anal sphincter. You will experience slight vibration and a feeling of heat at the base of the trunk and in the anal area. The sensation can rise up the spine to the top of your head, then descend to the navel area.

When pleasure intensifies, withdraw cautiously to about 1 inch inside the vagina, and squeeze the anal sphincter tightly, holding your breath after you have completely breathed out. This helps prevent the movement of the sperm beyond the gate. Remember! To control ejaculation, you need to stop before your excitation grows beyond the threshold. The signs of pre-ejaculation are the yellow light of the traffic light. They warn you in time, take advantage and apply everything you have learned. All you have to do is persevere.


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