How to ride the tiger of erotic energy

TO BE SHARED BY BOTH LOVERS – Erotic Energy Secrets

Here you can find out what our lovers think, what they want, what exactly turns them into rapturous lovers.  Do you want to have a better communication with the male universe? You can communicate with it only if you can understand it. You can understand it only if you get to know it. This is a world craving for you, this is a world that awaits you, and this is an inviting world. Welcome aboard!

We shouldn’t mince our words when it comes to that: during lovemaking with the compete suspension of ejaculation; it is the man that bears the brunt of it all.  It is just as natural for a woman to turn her orgasm inwardly, and suspend the discharge of sexual potential. Anyhow, she too may find useful the techniques we’re about to spin the yarn for. The man will have to make a greater effort, and it is crucial that his lover supports him. How? By not allowing to let herself get carried away with the voluptuousness of excitation towards its peak. By being extremely careful with the turns her lover is about to take, whenever he is nearing orgasm.

Simple methods, with exceptional effects

Extremely efficient is the breathe-in block, following a deep breathe-in. Keep it until the impulse to ejaculate disappears, and repeat the technique every time you feel you might be facing the danger of seminal discharge.

You can practice breath control even when you do not make love. Seat yourself comfortably in a well-aired room, or find a nature corner with no pollution. The cross-legged position is just perfect for such an exercise. Relax. Close your eyes. Breathe out the air completely. Then breathe in deeply through the nose. First the abdominal area is filled, then the chest, and then the collarbone area of your body. Retain the air and slowly breathe it out through the mouth. Allow 6 seconds for each stage. If you fell a bit dizzy, rest for a while, and then start it all over again. If you practice 10-15 minutes every day, the results are extraordinary. If looks like is not much, but the advantages are tremendous: a perfect health, a huge vitality, the awakening and enhancing of sensuality, and, last but not least, the complete control of your erotic energy.

Another tested method has to do with a series of slight massage movements, so as to have the energy ascend. Help each other with that during lovemaking. The movements are broad, starting from the base of the body and then reaching the back of the neck. The woman can even gently pull her lover’s hair, lifting it towards the top of his head. Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt, and the sensation is even special!

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In a week, as the others in a month
You cannot wait to put these techniques into practice, can you? You want to get sensational, fast results, at the mere snap of your fingers? No wonder you’re very anxious to accomplish that. But what would you tell someone who only after a week or two of hard work is already waiting for his retirement, with a fabulous income? Maybe you would slow him down. And you would also remind him he just cannot se the seeds today, the flowers tomorrow, and the crops, the day after. Even if there are magical plants that in a week grow as others in a month…

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