How to maintain the pleasure curve in the orgasm without discharge?

When God decreed in the Original Paradise: *Thou shalt not eat of this fruit!* He was not referring to the apple, but to the great sin of wasting the sexual potential. It couldn’t have been different, for in those times everything was eternal and infinite, including the amorous act that could be extended indefinitely. And, to our luck, it has remained the same to our day. Unlike sexual intercourse with physiological discharge, the act of love with continence is an ascending repeating process.

Phases of the pleasure curve

While the first two phases are identical in both cases, starting with the 3rd phase, everything is different. If you have no intention of controlling ejaculation, you just move more and more frenetic, aiming to amplify as much as possible the short pleasure, suddenly interrupted by the inevitable massive loss of energy. But if you are an adept of the amorous continence, then you begin to pay attention, more and more carefully, preparing, as consciously as possible, the next phase, the 4th, in which you must avoid ejaculation.

Pleasure Curve

Pleasure Curve for multiple orgasms

If you successfully passed this first obstacle, then in the 5th phase you get the first reward: an intense and profound state of orgasm. After a short break of so-called plateau (the 6th phase), the duration of which varies between 3 and 30 minutes, the 7th phase follows in which you must again avoid the physiological discharge. True, it’s easier than the first time (4th phase), but it still needs your vigilance and maximum attention.

In the 8th phase, you are again rewarded: a second, more intense and deeper orgasm than the previous one, which is very likely you will  experience simultaneously with your girlfriend. Intimacy, happiness, harmony are words that may describe somewhat the paradisiac experiences that will then be triggered in your inner universe. It then follows a phase of the plateau, (the 9th phase), after which your vigilance and attention has to be raised to the maximum. (ejaculation must be avoided again). At the end of this phase, in close correlation with your beloved’s erotic potential, the third orgasm can be triggered, much more intense and profound than all previous orgasms. Ecstatic … Overwhelming …

Everything I have described so far is cyclical and can last as long as 12 or even 16 hours. The successful accomplishment of this extraordinary love marathon depends, however, directly on the degree of love and harmony between you and your girlfriend and, of course, a considerable vital energy that you both need to posses.

The orgasm, when you experience it within such amorous fusion, far exceeds simple sexual pleasure. The mind chatter stops completely. Time does not exist anymore. Individuality has dissolved in a state of complete love that the soul has finally found. It is just pulsation and presence, expansion and contraction of energy in the form of sound and light, a complete fusion with the entire Macrocosm. Anyone can live such experiences. Everything is absolutely real and relatively easy to verify … by practicing.


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