Sex Exercises – Introduction


You’re driving on the highway … You’re enjoying it! Your supercar. The acceleration. The speed. Going though miles in a blink. It’s settled! You’re a Super Man! At least, you think you are. Everything is perfect, arousal reaches the highest peaks, until the darn road, suddenly ends … ups … in a chasm. No signpost, nothing to tell you what to do and how to do it, or where to go. To escape unharmed, both you, and the car, you must park it in a single movement, just inches away from the abyss. And that at the crazy speed you were so proud of. One who thinks such a feat achievable is either a god, or just out of touch with reality…

Such an unfortunate scenario has no solutions. But there is another way, provided you put aside for a while the typical male adrenaline rush. The preventive solution, common sense would say: reduce your speed so that you can at any moment do what maneuver you want, or need to. The chances of avoiding the abyss are thus increasing manifold guaranteed.

How to benefit from multiple orgasms when making love? Use common sense, and the proper measure in everything you do. Though there are valuable rules and methods that can help you immensely, you lose a lot of their value if you consider them just as a simple exercise.

Even if these techniques begin by training the body, they should sooner or later transform your whole being. Obviously into a super man, super continent and therefore practically virile, intelligent, loving and endowed with common sense.

That becomes possible when you become aware that in reality you are a whole: body, mind and soul. Tantric writings state: everything connected with your being is important on this path. Nothing needs to be minimized or treated with less consideration, be it body, feelings or mind. Only in this way will you be able to fully and completely integrate into your life the huge amorous potential.

By limiting your perspective to the physical realm, sooner or later that perspective will turn into a major hindrance to the realization of the amorous continence. Techniques that will help you start controlling your sexual energy – sex exercise – are just tools you’ll only use to develop your otherwise natural abilities to be a perfect continent.

Do you want to have multiple orgasms when you make love? There’s another something you need to consider. A flower does not make spring .. not even three flowers. After only a few days of practice it would be absurd to hope for a high level of achievement. So brace yourself with patience, because you need to practice … as a lifestyle, that is, all your life.


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