You are in the park with your girlfriend, in love from head to toe. It is the best time to experience how you can melt in her being. How to do that? With synchronized breathing. It’s the magic lamp that helps you harmonize more and more with her. On top of that, the tantra theory promises that if you consistently realize this technique, you will be able to clearly perceive what your lover is feeling, and even communicate telepathically. That’s some achievement. You’ll be one of the very few men that get a glimpse into understanding women.

Sit on chairs, or in a meditation posture facing each other. Hold your hands such that both of you have the right palm facing up. Close your eyes. Wholeheartedly offer God the fruits of this wonderful technique. The positive response from above is all you need to proceed with the next step.

Focus now only on your breathing, which becomes slow and calm. Since it’s you who will synchronize your breath with your lover’s breath, it’s necessary to listen to her breathing. You begin to notice the gradually decreasing sync gap between the rhythm of your inhale, full retention, exhale, and empty retention. After a few minutes, both your rhythms will be in perfect sync. It goes without saying that all this time, your lover will breathe normally, as usual. After a few minutes you will notice that the synchronization process is maintained spontaneously even when you’re not focusing on it. In this stage, start to identify yourself with every level of your beloved: energetical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Unique experiences will soon appear, and perhaps even some insights about her, or you, or your relationship. Enjoy them thoroughly.

Explore this resonance even deeper, actively, by lovemaking, with affectionate transfiguration, and of course, perfect continence. Touches, caresses bring you ever closer to the soul of your beloved. You and her, are both relaxed and unwind. Your breathing will stay synchronized whether the respiratory rate accelerates, or slows down. At some point you may feel that the energy is amplified so much that it may take you up on a spinning swirl. It is important to maintain your relaxation steady, while you submerge fully in the waves of pleasure, excitement and orgasm. Keep breathing spontaneously at the same pace with your lover, immersed in the desire to fully fuse with her. Love will amplify and expand endlessly, within your whole beings. Thus, you embrace the One who is eternally embracing you, God.

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