Soft entry, strong outcome

It sometimes happens that you want to make love from all of your heart. But something prevents you from making your wish come true. Something you can not overlook. Something essential. Your virile member does not want to stand up, period. Beads of sweat suddenly crown your forehead. It’s definitely not the greatest moment of your life! Erection problem!

In every man’s life, and yours is no exception, there is sometimes such a bad moment, in which, in spite of all your effort, your virile member either does not get hard or simply gets soft when you need it the most. Fatigue, a cold, food poisoning, or emotional stress can make the lingam flaky, or make it go wrong at a totally inappropriate time.

A spark of humor and a light heart can simply do miracles. No matter how tempting, do not blame neither your lingam nor your lover. The foolish and extremely damaging thought that you may be a lesser man, just get it of your head! And the most important thing: RELAX!

The saving solution to which Tantric and Taoist initiators resort in such moments is called: SOFT PENETRATION. Applying this infallible method, you live the miracle on your own: the lingam enters soft but comes out strong. With this technique you can penetrate your girlfriend even when your lingam is completely flaky. Once inside her yoni, the ineffable sense of well-being, protection and warmth, in close cooperation with her amorous energies, will strengthen your virile member in no time.

For the full success of this method however, it is necessary to follow these simple indications:

  1. During prelude you generously offer to your beloved many orgasms … as many as possible, so that her erotic energy becomes effervescent and her yoni very lubricated.
  2. Use gravity as your precious ally. Engage in an amorous posture in which you are on top. The blood that needs to irrigate your virile member will thus accomplish its mission more easily and faster, and you will also enjoy increased freedom of movement.
  3. Grip the base of your lingam with the thumb and the index finger, like in a ring. Then gently squeeze to push the blood into the trunk and the head of your virile member.
  4. Carefully insert the lingam into your lover’s yoni. Keep your ring-shaped fingers around your virile member as you penetrate.
  5. Squeeze the lingam and buttocks to push the blood into the genital area.
  6. Focus your attention on the blood and sexual energy influx that fills and gradually strengthens your virile member.
  7. Squeeze your lingam strong enough to penetrate, and when your virile member has hardened, remove the fingers and continue as usual.
  8. Reapply ring-shaped fingers if the erection decreases. It’s just a preventative measure. The cases in which you need to apply the method several times are very rare.

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